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Advanced Plasma Products

Advanced Plasma Products

Advanced Plasma Products, Inc (APP) is a science and engineering company dedicated to developing and commercializing products based upon its patented platform One Atmosphere Uniform Glow Discharge Plasma (OAUGDP) technology. APP’s intent is to leverage its unique atmospheric plasma technology into development of a number of products in diverse, high growth markets, such as healthcare, biotechnology, and agriculture/food processing. Plasma technology is widely recognized as an effective approach to numerous sterilization and disinfection challenges as well as modification of surface properties to improve various manufacturing process control tasks.

APP’s intellectual property provides it with the capability of engineering cost effective and efficient plasma solutions to numerous microbial neutralization applications, such medical device sterilization, treatment of chronic wounds, and pathogen reduction and shelf life extension of fresh produce.

APP currently has 6,600 square feet of office and laboratory space that houses a wide range of research and diagnostic equipment Our facilities include microbiology laboratories, chemistry laboratory, plasma laboratory and a full equipment machine.

APP is a wholly owned subsidiary of Applied Science Products, Inc. (OTC: APLD)