What is OAUGDP?


Advanced Plasma Products, Inc.’s glow discharge plasma is a breakthrough technology offering capabilities that other plasma technologies cannot provide. The patented One Atmosphere Uniform Glow Discharge Plasma (OAUGDP) electrically breaks down air at standard pressure and ambient temperatures, creating highly reactive chemical species that can be used for a variety of applications.


Because of its unique features, OAUGDP costs less to generate than any alternative – and its products will prove viable in a number of markets in which other plasma technologies are too expensive and/or technologically impractical.


A key distinguishing characteristic of OAUGDP, besides formation at both atmospheric pressure and room temperature, is the relative uniformity of the glow discharge. Our plasma is not comprised of intense current filaments, which are present in other air plasma devices that are based on corona, dielectric barrier, or micro-hollow cathode discharges.app-oaugdp


This enhanced spatial uniformity of OAUGDP allows us to utilize a higher percent volume of the air in the plasma device and be less destructive to the surfaces of delicate or sensitive items. We accomplish this by using the correct balance of electrical and device design parameters such that expensive materials or complicated electrode designs are not required.


Furthermore, though our intellectual property covers the use of other gases besides air, we don’t require specialty gases such as helium or other inert gases, or other chemical additives in order to achieve our room temperature sterilization.